The Untold Story of a Veteran's Sacrifice

John L. Collins, Staff Sergeant, USMC

After care taking my Father as He struggled with PTSD I was inspired to share our story. I wanted to remind society that these Veterans sacrificed their minds many times as well as their bodies. Many times these stories are untold, and families suffer in their own way as they grieve the loss of so much.

I applaud the soldiers and the families who have endured all of these outcomes. We will witness many crowns in Heaven awarded to the Veterans and supportive families. This is not to be taken lightly as it requires unbelievable strength and courage on their part. We do not often witness this type of disciplined loyalty these days.

My Father gave it all, and my Mother stood by his side until the very end of His suffering.

A Life of Service

"When you get it all… you go home so until then keep marching"

John L. Collins

"Never give up the fight"

John L. Collins

"You may rest but get back up!"

John L. Collins

A Glimpse Into His Life